"This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it." Psalms 118:24

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

One more arrives home!!

Gosh, it's been super long since I posted and a LOT has happened!  We got approval to travel to bring baby "D" home right before Christmas and what a whirlwind it has been!  Work was crazy before up until we left on January 25th.  Big and Little J's started their "vacation" at Grandma's, then got to go to "Aunt" Judy's and then finished their time with Aunt Jan.  I'm told they were very good and were happy to see dad when he picked them up while I stayed to finish the process.  We flew into Beijing and spent two full days doing sightseeing and getting adjusted to the time difference.  On the 30th we flew with 8 (had a total of 13) other families to Zhengzhou, baby D's home province.  We were united with her on January 31st, a wonderful day for us, but obviously so difficult for her.....This is the part that breaks your heart and wretches your gut.  You pray that you never forget that feeling knowing what your child has endured in their short life time.  We are so grateful to know though that she was SO loved during her entire 16 months in China.  She was with three foster families (all English speaking, seriously, I could have never even thought to pray for everything we have been able to learn) since only days after her birth and we know that they all loved her so much, seriously, we have flash drives from ALL of them with photos that are priceless.  We will be able to tell her so much about her time before us, what an incredible blessing.  We know that is why this was so hard for her, she was perfectly happy and content with her family before us......

She did appreciate the banana and some cheerios and after about 20 minutes she stopped crying.  Before we left this office, she was feeding Tim cheerios! 
Then she actually wanted to get down to play for a little bit...

And then the poor toots was tuckered out from the stress.....

She really did so well for all that she had been through.  She quickly took to us and didn't want me out of her sight.  We did paperwork processing for several days in Zhengzhou and were able to take a side trip to her home town which was only about an hour away.  We were so grateful to be able to do this, when we traveled to Ethiopia, Little J's home town was too far away and we were not able to visit her birth city.

We said goodbye to our representatives that helped us in Zhengzhou, two wonderful women who I can't say enough good things about!

Tim left on a Thursday afternoon to travel home to get the J's.  Our wonderful friend Michelle, who we traveled to Ethiopia with, was flying in to help me finish the trip.  I had to spend two nights and take one airplane flight solo before we met up with Michelle in Guangzhou.  The other families in our travel group were so kind and outstanding, they were of great help and watched out for the two of us until Michelle arrived.  I will be forever grateful to them and what a wonderful group of families we were blessed to travel with!  This is the entire group (we parted ways with some families when leaving Beijing when they traveled to different provinces - we all met up again in Guangzhou).

While we took care of more paperwork in Guangzhou, we got out and did a little sight seeing.

peek-a-boo was a hit.....
 Future in modeling??......

And did I say how thankful and grateful I was to have Michelle help us home?  LOTS AND LOTS!!

Then we said goodbye to our representatives in Guangzhou, again two priceless women who were absolutely wonderful!

Then we started our long journey home by taking the train to Hong Kong.  I had started feeling sick on this day, had the chills and was coughing.  Baby D really did such a great job on the long flight home and thank goodness for Michelle who, when baby D was not sleeping, helped entertain her while I was coughing my head off and feeling lousy.....

Baby D meeting her big sisters and Grandma for the first time

Big J looks like a great sister

 and little J does too...
 Remember my new mom was REALLY sick and she feels as bad as she looks....
All in our matching jog suits outfits....

 Aunt Lori came a long way to greet her new niece
 I already kissed Big J unprompted and I decided I wanted to kiss little J too
 and even a second time.....!
Little J contemplating her new role as big sister.  She knows her role is special because she is the only one who is both a big sister and a little sister!

Just checking that my dad still has cow.  Cow traveled all the way with me and I never want to lose him!

Big J, ever the little momma....

And our first family outing, a fund raiser for Big J's school at the local pizza place.  Success!

And just from tonight, almost 3 weeks home.......(sorry for the terrible quality of first two, but they are cute!)

Baby D is a sweet and funny and lively little girl.  She loves to play chase and peek-a-boo and loves music and to tease.  She is fascinated with our two cats and Mitzie too, although she isn't as gung ho to go right up to Mitzie like she is the cats!  She is doing so well, for that we are so grateful.  We have been blessed beyond belief with our three special girls!  

I'm going to do a recap of our trip in more detail, like I did here for our trip to Ethiopia.  Mostly for my sake and Tim, since he returned early, and I'm quite certain if I wait a year like I did to recap little J, well, lets just say I'll be contacting a lot of those wonderful families to help me remember!

I'll leave you with two priceless things:  the first morning baby D was home, Big J came into her bedroom (where I was sleeping too) and got into the twin bed with me.  We were whispering and catching up and she said to me, "mom, when I first saw a picture of baby D I said to God, no God, I don't want that baby, but when I saw her last night I said, Oh God, YES, please don't take this baby, I want her"!  :-)   And one day last week when just baby D and little J and I were home, the three of us were in the kitchen and the two girls were over playing with a little kitchen set.  Baby D was sitting between little J's legs, PRECIOUS!  I didn't get to the camera quick enough, darn!  All day, little J kept saying to baby D, "D, come play with the kitchen set with me, come play with kitchen set, D, come sit on my lap....."   Ohhhh I am so grateful, I think they will all be the best of friends!    

Sunday, November 27, 2011

IPAD 2 giveaway

If the ski vacation was not your thing, maybe an IPAD 2 would interest you?  This family is doing such a giveaway and I'm sure they would be blessed by your donation to help bring their child home - and get yourself a chance at an IPAD!  Go check it out:  IPAD 2

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We had a great visit (too short though!) with family.  Still working on that computer to download pictures.....

Friday, November 4, 2011

And the WINNER is......

Grand prize: Boyne Vacation for 10 is lucky number 228!!

2nd prize: $100 Apple store gift card - number 98

3rd prize: the adorable pettiskirts - number 22.  And they are going to a home with 2 adorable girls in just the right sizes, how about that?!! 

I've already contacted the lucky winners and we truly appreciate everyone who so generously participated in our giveaway! 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

2 days left!!

Two days left to enter the vacation giveaway!!  See the details here:  Vacation giveaway!

Your help will be helping us bring "D" home in early 2012

Will she not just fit right in with her two big sisters??

And, there was silliness:
And the, I'm all done.......

I'm thankful the family I've been blessed with!  Thanks for your support!!